In 2012 I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with distinctions as one of the top students. In Milan Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Barcelona Interior Design Architecture Studio Sara Folch ID I gained invaluable experience as an interior designer. There saw I the attitude of the world’s greatest and admired artists which I incorporate in my projects to create consistent and original interior designs suited for the individual investors. Nowadays I am pursuing the PhD degree in the New Media Art Department in the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of the Painting Space. My supervisor and mentor, professor Leon Tarasewicz, is one of the most recognized contemporary polish painters.

Interior design and artistic development are my greatest passions. Ever since 2010, when I started designing interiors on my own, I put my clients on the first place and make sure that they are content with my projects and feel perfectly in their newly designed spaces. As an artist I am fascinated with the beauty of the design which allows me to create original interior designs well suited to the investors preferences. My creations are stylistically harmonious and refined in every detail, they combine both the modern and classical approach. As I consider every project apart from style can be aesthetic and unique provided that it is studied and coherent. Light, color, and textures those are main goals of my projects which make the spaces interfere on us positive, become bigger and give us the feel of breath.

My process of designing is the state of researching, discovering and being curious of the world, making insightful observations and drawing sensible conclusions. All these help me to create beautiful and romantic spaces, where everyone is pleased to come back and experience the tranquilizing and calming atmosphere.